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As a matter of convenience, we have provided those interested in following the Italy 2012 Trip Blog Posts with the following chronological index which will offer direct access to these specific entries within the blog’s thread. We hope you are enjoying reading them as much as we are in recalling the memories and transferring them to the written word. • 01_BellagioVines Goes To Italy! • 02_The Night Before Italy, and All Through The House … •  03_Leavin’ On a Jet Plane … • 04_It’s Off to Roma We Go! • 05_Flying The Friendly Skies … • 06_Ciao aRead More

What You’ll Find Here!

Ciao e benvenuti! Hello and welcome to Tom and Becky’s American-Italian Adventure! and our American-Italian Blog. Thanks so much for visiting! We thought it would prove beneficial to provide our first-time visitors with a brief overview of what they can expect when arriving on the pages of our blog. Perhaps a practical way to accomplish this is to first go through the Menu Bar Headings. Here they are in the order that they appear: Benvenuti (Welcome): Summaries of, and links to, all blog posts will appear on this greeting page. What We’re About: If you haven’t already done soRead More

Join the Community, Join the Conversation!

Ciao e benvenuti! Hello and welcome to Tom and Becky’s American-Italian Adventure! and our American-Italian Blog. Thank you so much for your interest, and for stopping by! To say that we’re excited about the launch of our new American-Italian Blog Adventure would be a colossal understatement. For us, this journey is so much more than just a blog. It truly is all about developing community! Something perhaps missed from those days of our collective youth, when the “neighborhood” was our foundation. And if the responses we’ve already received in this blogs’ first days of infancy are any indication,Read More

Buon Anno 2015!

May your New Year be adorned with cherished memories, an abundance of wonderfully fun-filled days, and the most memorable of pleasureful nights! [Possa il vostro Capodanno essere adornata di preziosi ricordi, l’abbondanza di giorni meravigliosamente divertente, e la più memorabile delle notti pleasureful!]

Buon Anno!

From our family to yours, we send you our sincerest wishes for very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous times in the New Year! While family matters have kept us away from the blogging scene for a spell, we look forward to bringing many new things to it in 2014 and beyond. So please do check back throughout the year to see what we’ve done with the place. Happy 2014! Tom and Becky    

Farina – It’s Not Just Your Grandma’s Cream of Wheat!

In Italian, the word farina describes a staple food known as flour. In contemporary American English use, the word typically refers to a Cream of Wheat style of cereal. As early as prehistoric times, flour has been a primary source of sustenance, and has remained such for enduring civilizations throughout the ages. Without getting into a history or science lesson here, I think we can all agree that the milling of wheat, in its various progressive processing forms, has been going on for a very, very long time. In fact, historians believe that mankind began benefitting from thisRead More

Andiamo! A Drive Around Amalfi [Video]

Reminiscent with some of the white-knuckled rides experienced while in Italy, this video jumped off the screen as it inspired immediate memories and hearty laughs. From its unique viewpoint, you’ll begin to get an entertaining glimpse into Italian’s “leisurely” driving habits; this time, as they maneuver the “strade” of Amalfi. Andiamo a fare un altro giro … presto!

14_The Incredible Journey! [ Final Trip Post ]

14_Travel Log: Sunday, 5 February (febbraio) 2012 BellagioVines Goes to Italy! Current Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado | Epilogue Posted: 9 March (marzo) 2012 And so this chronicle of BellagioVines Goes to Italy comes to an end. But before signing off I thought it would be nice to sum things up a bit by providing my final thoughts on the experience, what it all meant to me, and what I gleaned from my travels. In scrolling through the installment titles listed on the blog’s Italy 2012 Trip Blog Post Index, you might have noticed that each originated from aRead More

13_Homeward Bound… For Real This Time!

13_Travel Log: Saturday, 4 February (febbraio) 2012 BellagioVines Goes to Italy! Current Location: Frankfurt, Germany | Homeward Bound Following my wonderful bonus time spent in Frankfurt yesterday, and after enjoying an equally soothing night’s sleep; I was well-prepared to begin my casual morning. The view out my hotel room window greeted me with a bright sunshiny day, albeit a bit on the chilly side (-10° C/14° F, to be exact). While quite different than my hotel breakfast meals in Italy, I did enjoy a very appetizing and leisurely breakfast before climbing aboard the hotel’s airport shuttle. My scheduledRead More

12_Arrivederci Bella Italia … For Now!

12_Travel Log: Friday, 3 February (febbraio) 2012 BellagioVines Goes to Italy! Current Location: Florence, Italy | The Long Way Home The clock struck 5:00AM when the phone rang with my “greeting-to-the-day” call from the front desk. Up and at em! This would be a day filled with recollecting recent memories, saying good-byes, travel and layovers as we headed in different directions for our respective journey’s home. Before our early morning drive to Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci Aeroporto, time was spent enjoying one another’s company; reminiscing while cherishing the final tastes (for now, anyway) of authentic Italian scrumptiousness… and sipping-upRead More

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